How A Wedding Dress Can Make Or Break Your Wedding

I know it sound a bit overstretched, but it’s true, a wedding dress or wedding gown for that matter can make or break your big day.

How you might ask?

Well it’s simple, having a smaller wedding dress than your actual measurements will have you feeling very sore especially around the areas where it’s tight.

On the other hand, having a bigger wedding gown than your actual measurements will have you feeling very uncomfortable especially when you have to keep on pulling up your gown.

In reality, none of the above 2 scenarios are any brides wishes. As much as having wedding insurance is important for your big day, having a well fitting wedding dress or gown is even more important, at least if you’d like to have a successful wedding.

Care should therefore be taken to ONLY purchase wedding dresses that have been thoroughly tested out.

The below 5 tips will go a long way in helping soon to be brides get the best dress for their big day.

Make Sure It Fits Well Everywhere

You need to make sure that your wedding dress fits every inch of your body nicely. It shouldn’t be too tight or too lose; just the right fit.

Make Sure You Feel Comfortable In It

Some wedding dresses reveal more skin than others and as such, you need to ensure you go for a gown that makes you feel comfortable.

Make Sure You Walk In The Dress

One major mistake that 99% of brides do is to just stand in their potential wedding dress instead of walking in it to see how it feels.

At times you might have a wedding gown that fits perfectly but that doesn’t feel comfortable when you walk in it either due to the stitching or the material used.

Make sure you take several steps in your gown to ensure it feels OK 🙂

Make Sure Your Wedding Dress Fits The Wedding Theme

It’s very important to make sure your wedding dress blends into your wedding theme, the two shouldn’t clash.

It might also be good to note here that your wedding dress ought to match with your partners attire for the big day. This will ensure the 2 of you look great on camera and off camera, you wouldn’t want to be the “talk of the town” now would you? 🙂

Make Sure Your Wedding Dress Is Affordable

As much as every bride dreams of their wedding day from when they were just but a small innocent girl, every bride ought to pick a wedding dress that fits their budget.

I know we live in a materialistic world where everyone wants to outdo each other, but if you think about it, what’s the point of buying a very expensive wedding dress that you don’t even like just to please people you barely know or that you barely like?

Trust and love are the cornerstone of a marriage, not a dress.

Just make sure you pick a wedding gown that makes you look beautiful, elegant and sexy all while not breaking your bank!